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Stop Them from Stealing Your Car


You keep your valuables under the seat, your packages in the trunk, and your doors locked at all times, but is that enough? You even try to avoid high-end extravagant SUVs and sports cars in hopes of deterring a car thief. Unfortunately, keeping your doors locked, your valuables hidden, and driving an older model car is not enough to stop a car thief from targeting your car.

According to statistics given to ABC News by Mike Siemienas, an Allstate Insurance Spokesman, and the National Crime Information Center, the most often targeted cars for theft are Hondas. And not the latest, high-end models. Early 90's and late 90's models of Hondas top the list of theft targeted vehicles. Why? Because these vehicles are long-living vehicles and often their engines outlast their body parts (fenders, doors, etc.) and accessories (seats, airbags, etc.). So when owners of these vehicles need new parts there is a shortage of extra parts at salvage yards. It is a basic supply and demand issue. Since supply of these parts is low the demand for the parts brings in big money. According to Siemienas and the National Crime Information Center, big money can equal more than $13,000 for a 1994 Honda's parts when the vehicle's actual cash value is only a few thousand.

OK, so you don't have one of these wanted vehicles. So, it doesn’t cost you anything, right? Wrong: According to information given to ABC news from Siemienas, vehicle theft is the number one property crime in the United States that carries a price tag of more than eight billion dollars a year. In many cases, auto theft costs are absorbed by all insurance consumers in the form of higher insurance rates. We all need to try and find ways to stop vehicle theft.

In addition, just because you don't have a vehicle that is at the top of the theft list doesn’t mean you can't be a target. If your vehicle is easily accessible and it shows, a thief can still make some quick cash out of it. The best way to protect your vehicle is to visually display vehicle theft deterrents. If a thief just sees theft device items used in your vehicle they will automatically seek out another car that is much easier to steal.

One of the most popular theft deterrent devices is called The Club. It simply attaches to your steering wheel and can usually be found in most variety stores at a reasonable cost. Another great visual deterrent is to buy a do-it-yourself VIN number engraving kit. These VIN number engraving kits can be bought online at many merchants and can quickly be done by anyone in a short amount of time. The VIN number is engraved in a car's window and it makes the part unusable for resale by a thief because the VIN number can be tracked back to a stolen vehicle.

So whatever vehicle you own, it is important to realize the impact of vehicle theft for everyone. By using visual theft devices like the ones above and continuing safety measures such as hiding packages and purses stored in your car along with keeping your doors locked at all times, you will keep a vehicle thief away from your car and keep down insurance costs for everyone.

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