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Insurance Exchange


Definition: A health insurance exchange is the proposed way under the Obama administration to help with health insurance competition and health insurance reform. This new program will be a key component in providing health insurance to millions of uninsured Americans.

Primarily what the health insurance exchange will do is bring together private health insurance companies along with a government health insurance option to compete for business among individuals and small businesses. To be in the health insurance exchange the health insurance policies offered cannot exclude someone for pre-existing conditions.

The idea is to provide more competition thus bringing down the price for health insurance. Along with competition bringing down the price of health insurance, creating a pool for small businesses (small businesses can group together to purchase health insurance instead of individually) will provide lower costs for employers similar to the lower costs larger companies are able to secure because of the larger amount of their employees.

Also Known As: insurance exchange, health insurance reform
ABC Manufacturing Company only has 30 employees and did not provide health insurance. But under the new health insurance reform program by the Obama administration he is required to provide insurance for his employees or pay the government a fee. He looked into the health insurance exchange set up by the Obama administration under the health care reform program and found that he was able to find a health insurance plan to cover his employees at a reasonable cost.

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