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Reasonable Repairs


Definition: After a loss to an insured property, the first step to take is to contact the insurance company to let them know about the loss. Next, one needs to protect their property further by making any reasonable repairs.

Making reasonable repairs is actually a duty that the insured has agreed to in their insurance contract. It is important to abide by this duty and make reasonable repairs to insure that the damage will be covered.

The cost of making reasonable repairs to will be reimbursed by the insurance company. The insured needs to keep receipts for reasonable repair purchases. In addition, as long as the insured attempts to make reasonable repairs, even if they are not successful, this will fulfill the required reasonable repairs duty.

Making reasonable repairs to damage can be as simple as putting a tarp over an exposed roof or turning off the water if a water pipe is damaged. Reasonable repairs do not have to be permanent repairs but instead are intended to be temporary until a permanent repair is available.

Marge immediately put a tarp over her roof after a tree fell on it to prevent additional water damage into her home. She kept the receipt from the purchase of the tarp so her insurance company could reimburse her for the tarp.

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