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Insurance Endorsement


Definition: Want to add some extra coverage to your insurance policy or would you like to add someone to an insurance policy you have? An insurance endorsement can help you with these things and provide other benefits for the policy holder.

An insurance endorsement is like a mini-policy that is added to a current insurance policy to change the original insurance policy terms and/or coverages. Insurance endorsements can be used in many ways to enhance an insurance policy and to provide a more complete and individual coverage for policyholders.

Some examples of what an insurance endorsement can do is add to the coverage of an insurance policy, limit the coverage of a policy and add people and locations to an insurance policy. The addition of an insurance endorsement can increase, decrease or not change the insurance policy premium.

Endorsements used in insurance policies can differ depending on the insurance company and the type of insurance the endorsement is applied to. It is important to understand what endorsements are available for a policy along with how that endorsement can change the current insurance policy.

Jim needed extra coverage for his home business. He was able to add an insurance endorsement to his current homeowners insurance policy to cover his business.

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