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Insurance Declaration Page


Definition: Most insurance policies have multiple pages. Filing through these pages to understand the basics of an insurance policy would be complicated. The insurance declaration page simplifies this process by giving the insurance policy holder a basic overview of their insurance policy.

Usually the insurance declaration page is at the front of an insurance policy. The insurance declaration page provides the essentials of the insurance policy. Things typically seen on an insurance declaration page would include:

  • Name and Address of the Policy Holder and Insurance Company
  • Information on How to Contact the Insurance Company for Questions or a Claim
  • What the Insurance Policy is For and How Much Coverage
  • How Long the Insurance Policy is Valid
  • Any Endorsements, Additions, Changes or Discounts on the Policy

It is also important to note that the insurance declaration page is not considered proof of insurance. Usually, like with a car insurance policy, there is a proof of insurance card provided with the policy. Also, keeping a handy copy of one's insurance declaration page can be a valuable resource if the need arises to file an insurance claim. In addition, one should always review their insurance declaration page to make sure everything is correct such as their name, address, and insurance policy amounts.

Janet needed to find out if she had enough coverage on her homeowners insurance policy. She was able to easily see the coverage amount on her insurance declaration page, which was the first page of her homeowners insurance policy.

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