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Home Owners and Condominium Insurance: Savings, FAQ's, and More

Here you can learn more about your homeowners or condominium insurance policy along with finding answers to common questions. Also, you will find savings tips and tools to help you get the most from your insurance plan.
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Could Your Homeowners Insurance Be Canceled?
Don't wait until your homeowners insurance is canceled. Make sure you are aware of the most common reasons one's homeowners insurance could be canceled.

5 Odd Things Your Homeowners Insurance Covers
Will your homeowners insurance cover your interior design or your expensive specialty ingredients? Maybe! We often know what basically our homeowners insurance will cover but there are many more coverages you have in your homeowners insurance that you may not know of.

Condo Insurance vs. Homeowners Insurance
Homeowners and condo insurance have a lot in common. They both protect one's home and personal property and they both give the insured liability protection. Although homeowners and condo insurance have a lot in common, there are some differences. Understanding these differences will help one get the most out of their insurance policy.

Homeowners Insurance and Your Storage Unit Items
Don't want to have a garage sale because you just are not ready to part with all your stuff? If this is your thinking then you probably already have a storage unit or have looked into getting one. Storage units are great but make sure you have all your storage unit items covered with the right amount of insurance to avoid any losses.

Reverse Mortgage Insurance
Understanding a reverse mortgage can be complicated. On fee that many are confused about is the reverse mortgage insurance. Homeowners usually pay mortgage insurance to protect the lender if the homeowner defaults on the loan so it is hard to understand why the homeowner should have to pay reverse mortgage insurance on a reverse mortgage.

Mobile Home Insurance: Do You Need It?
Choosing a mobile home insurance policy does not have to be a hard task. Guest author Dan Seitz has provided this article on mobile home insurance to help explain the differences in mobile home insurance and homeowner insurance along with coverage options and cost concerns.

Homeowners Insurance and Sudden Water Damage
Sudden water damage in one's home can be devastation. Not having the right homeowners insurance coverage for sudden water damage can make it even worse. Learn about what sudden water damage in homeowners insurance covers and does not cover so you can be prepared.

A 3 Step Homeowners Insurance Disaster Guide
It seems like nothing could be worse than facing a disaster that could destroy your home. But there is... facing a disaster that could destroy your home and you did not have adequate insurance coverage or you don't know what to do after the disaster. You can't prevent the disaster but you can take a little time to prepare and make the process...

Duties of the Homeowner: Protect Property After a Loss
When one has a home it is natural that they want to take care of it and protect it from damage. That duty still applies after an insurance loss. It is important that the homeowner know they have a duty to protect their property with necessary and reasonable repairs.

Understanding Insurance Claims
Filing an insurance claim can be a worrisome process. It does not always have to be that way. Knowing more about car insurance claims, homeonwers insurance claims and life insurance claims before an insurance claims is filed can ease the fears often associated with the insurance claims process.

Homeowners Insurance Dwelling VS. Other Structures
When one purchases a homeowners insurance policy they usually don't understand fully how the coverages work until it is time to file a claim. This can be a problem because once it is time to file a claim, the insurance amount cannot be adjusted. Many find out too late that their homeowners insurance dwelling and other structures coverage may...

Food Insurance and Disasters - What is best for you - self-insured food...
Food Insurance and Disasters - What is best for you - self-insured food insurance, homeowners food spoilage insurance or liability food insurance?

Tsunami Insurance and Your Home, Boat, and Travel Plans
A Tsunami evokes many emotions in all of us even if we have never been directly affected by one. Images of the Tsunami in Japan, Sumatra, and other areas even frighten people living far inland. It is important to realize that even if someone does not think they will ever be affected by a tsunami like in Japan or Sumatra, they still may need insurance to protect themselves from a tsunami or a similar event that could cause similar damage.

Property Insurance Coverage Exclusions
Keeping your personal property safe is important. Property insurance coverage protects your property against many risks. But have you thought about the exclusions in your property insurance policy?

Covering the Gaps in Your Homeowners Insurance
There are some perils that are not covered under a typical homeowners policy. Getting coverage for additional perils is typically not complicated as most insurance agents can add the additional coverage onto the current homeowners policy. Earthquake insurance, flood insurance, and mudslide insurance will give one protection against perils that...

Insider Insurance Tips
Welcome to your mini insurance school lesson on insider insurance tips! Don't worry, if you have trouble reading a full article on any insurance subject or if your insurance agent is not your best friend, these insurance school quick tips will get you enough insurance knowledge to make you look like you know what you are talking about... and I bet you will learn a thing or two! Of course, going…

Adding to Your Homeowners Insurance: Do You Need a Rider?
If you own certain expensive items, such as jewelry, Oriental rugs or home office equipment, more than likely you will need a rider on your homeowners insurance policy. A rider is like a mini-insurance policy added to your current home owners insurance policy and it will give added protection to certain items that may be excluded or have low limits on your home owners insurance policy.

Making Sure You Have Enough Home Owners Insurance
The main determining factor is whether your policy is a replacement cost value policy or an actual cash value policy. If you have an actual cash value policy, it will not. Actual cash value is also known as the fair market value. Fair market value is basically the amount that a a buyer would pay for your home.

Insurance Not Covering Toxic Mold in Homes
Homeowners in Broward County, FL, complained to their insurance commissioner that mold in their homes was making them sick and their insurance agents were refusing to pay. Although doctors agree some mold can be toxic, and if the problem spreads the homes can be inhabitable, insurance companies claim it is not covered.

Filing Your Insurance Claim After Being Forced Out of Your Home
When forced to evacuate your home due to a disaster the first concern for every family is to make sure everyone is safe. Worrying about property damage is second but it is important to think about how you will file your insurance claim if you don't have access to your home.

What is Title Insurance?
Purchasing your home is an important decision. But how does one know that the property they purchased has a clear title? Because unknown problems can be hidden in the history of a property's title, homeowners pay for title insurance.

3 Days to an Accident-Free Home
You don't have to wait until Spring...when is the last time you cleaned your home against accidents? Accidents can happen anytime so let's try some Home Accident Anytime-Cleaning Projects! Sign-up today and receive your first lesson: Home Accident Anytime Cleaning Project #1: Protect Yourself Against Carbon Monoxide and Fires

After the Disaster: Filing the Homeowners Insurance Claim
Taking the right steps, such as calling your agent immediately and accessing and temporarily repairing damage to your home can make filing your homeowners insurance claim a smoother process. Here are the 5 steps you should take when preparing and filing your homeowners insurance claim.

You Don't Have to Pay PMI
Find out what PMI is and how you can avoid paying it when you purchase your next home.

The Top 10 Personal and Business Insurance Tax Dos and Don'ts
When tax time comes there can be an array of questions about deductions and what to report as income. This Insurance Tax Dos and Don'ts list of tax tips will hopefully help many with tax questions regarding insurance whether on a personal or business level.

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