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"The Health Insurance Reform List" - Headlines to Keep You Informed

Keep Informed About the Health Insurance Reform Bill and the Public Option


Is Mandated Health Insurance Even Legal?
Posted January 20, 2010

This is the question being raised across the country and many states are threatening to sue over the health care reform bill's mandated health insurance requirement.

According to The Seattle Times writer Bruce Ramsey, "The individual mandate to buy health insurance is a key part of the Democrats' health-care plan. Their package, if they can pass it now, doesn't work without the mandate. But is it constitutional?" He expands more in his article about why it may not be constitutional and that the Supreme Court could go either way on the decision.

Health Insurance Reform to Continue into the New Year
Posted December 30, 2009

The Senate passed their version of the health care reform bill. “Our challenge, then, is to finish the job,” Obama said about the rest of the work that needs to be done to get a final bill on his desk.

That final bill will need to be a merging of the passed house bill and senate bill. If the merge is successful then the bill will just need to be signed by President Obama to become law. That won't happen though until after the new year when Congress is back in session.

Although there are still specifics that the Democrats are trying to agree on to merge both bills, one thing that is probably certain to come about if the merge is successful is the end of insurance companies dropping coverage because of pre-existing conditions or acquiring a disease or other condition. Also, there will probably be no public option and insurance will be mandatory.

Obama Waits to Take His Hawaiian Vacation to Help with Health Care Reform
Posted December 22, 2009

Obama recently announced he will delay his planned family vacation to support the health care overhaul bill currently in the Senate. At this point all Obama can do is provide encouragement since the Republicans have vowed to do everything they can to slow down and hopefully stop the passage of the bill. Republicans, which only have 40 seats in the Senate, have been able to so far delay the passage and hope to continue their progress.

Senate Wants No Co-Pays on Mammograms
Posted December 4, 2009

The health insurance reform debate is in full stride and the Senate is adding amendments into the health insurance reform bill. One of these is an amendment to restrict insurance companies from requesting a co-pay for women's preventative care services which would include mammograms.

This may be somewhat in response to the negative reaction from the public on the recent announcement from a government task force recommending a raise in the age on when a women should get her first mammogram. This amendment does not restrict deductibles that may apply to the procedure and does not remove the chance that insurance companies may change their coverage for mammograms to fall in line with the new government task force recommendations, which insurance companies have admitted they do follow guidelines from sources such as the government task force mentioned above to administer their coverages.

Selling Insurance Across State Lines
Posted November 13, 2009

It is a proposal that is still trying to make it into the current healthcare insurance reform. Interstate insurance or selling insurance across state lines, has been proposed in Congress since 2005 and is still for many a strong selling point for a change in how and where Americans should be able to purchase their health insurance coverage. Proponents say it will increase competition and opponents say it will do the opposite and raise costs along with lowering the quality of health insurance policies.

Getting a Little Suspicious of AARP and Their Strong Support for Health Insurance Reform?
Posted October 27, 2009

Membership organizations have been helpful to many in finding health care benefits. AARP is a household name for senior citizens. This trust seniors have for AARP is based on the assumption that they are advocating for seniors and not swimming in profits like many think that the health insurance companies are. But is that image true or just advertising?

The truth may be surprising to many senior citizens. According to www.washingtonpost.com, "The group and its subsidiaries collected more than $650 million in royalties and other fees last year from the sale of insurance policies, credit cards and other products that carry the AARP name, accounting for the majority of its $1.14 billion in revenue, according to federal tax records. It does not directly sell insurance policies but lends its name to plans in exchange for a tax-exempt cut of the premiums.

The group's dual role as an insurance reformer and a broker has come under increasing scrutiny in recent weeks from congressional Republicans, who accuse it of having a conflict of interest in taking sides in the fierce debate over health insurance. Three House Republicans sent a letter to AARP on Monday complaining that the group was putting its "political self-interests" ahead of seniors.

Republicans also question the high salaries and other perks given to some top AARP executives, who would not be subject to limits on insurance executives' pay included in the Senate Finance Committee's health reform package. Former AARP chief executive William Novelli received more than $1 million in compensation last year."

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