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Insurance 101 - The Insurance Basics You Need Covered Now

Umbrella Insurance, Gap Insurance and Car Insurance, Plus More


Just getting your first home and car insurance? Moving out on your own? Need to know just the facts to get yourself covered? Insurance 101 is the place! Scroll through the most popular insurance categories and find informative articles on affordable health insurance, gap insurance, umbrella insurance and car insurance along with the other insurance basics to get you adequately covered now.


Auto Insurance 101
Why do you need a five step guide to auto insurance shopping? Because, if you want to get the best coverage for your buck, shopping smart for your car insurance is the way to do it, and car insurance is one of the top ways to chisel down your insurance budget if you know how to do it right.

Minimum Auto Requirements
Just need to know the minimum coverage the law requires? Find your State-by-State Auto Minimum Requirements for liability and property damage and learn how to understand the limits.

Auto Savings Checklist
Get your automobile insurance policy and compare your savings with this list to see if you are getting all of the savings you are entitled to, or print it out and use it when getting a new policy.

Gap Insurance
Ahhh... that new car feeling. Ouch, that new car is crashed! Thank goodness you bought gap insurance... or did you? Full coverage may not be enough. Find out why gap insurance is usually always needed with a new car purchase.


Home Owners Insurance 101
Owning a home takes a lot of effort and responsibility, but unfortunately, a lot of home owners are not protecting their home with enough home owners insurance. Taking the time to understand your home owners insurance will get you on the path to making sure your investment is protected.

Renter's Insurance: Why and How Much?
Even if you have no personal property, renter's insurance is still important just for the liability protection it provides. Find out more here why if you rent you need renter's insurance.


Life Insurance 101
A life insurance policy is so important. Parents and anyone who has someone depending on them should purchase it. Life is so unpredictable and leaving your loved ones to grieve the loss of you on top of no financial support should never be an option.

Term Life Insurance: A Low Cost Life Insurance Option
Need life insurance but feel you don't have enough in your budget to pay the premiums? Take a look at the budget friendly option of term life insurance.

Whole Life Insurance Choices
Are there choices in whole life insurance? Is it a good investment tool? Learn about your choices and investment information here.


Health Insurance 101
There are more choices than ever to find affordable health insurance. One can get their local phone book and search for insurance companies that provide health insurance coverage or one could get online and quickly find web sites that can provide a health insurance quote. But just looking for affordable health insurance coverage can lead to gaps in your health insurance coverage.

Help! I Need Affordable Health Insurance
The statistics are startling when it comes to the amount of uninsured Americans. But what does one do when they don't have a job and can't get affordable individual or family health insurance? Or, what about all the families that have jobs but still cannot afford the health insurance offered by their employers and can't find an option for affordable health insurance?


Why Every Policyholder Needs Umbrella Insurance
Umbrella insurance is not just for the wealthy. With the common occurrence of lawsuits, learn why umbrella insurance is a must for every home, auto, and watercraft owner.

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