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Insurance School


Definition: Insurance school is where people go to get an insurance education in order to obtain an insurance license. They obtain their insurance education by taking insurance classes or insurance courses. Insurance schools can be found in every state and an insurance education can also be obtained by taking insurance classes and insurance courses at various online locations.

By law, all agents selling or giving insurance advice must be licensed in the type of insurance they are selling or giving advice for. Each state has their own licensing requirements, but generally insurance agents can be licensed in property and casualty insurance and life and health insurance. Some agents hold two insurance licenses, in both property and casualty and life and health, and some only sell one type of insurance such as life and health therefore, only hold a life and health insurance license.

It is important to know how your agent obtained their insurance license, how long they have had it, and if they regularly get it renewed. Any legally licensed insurance agent would not have a problem giving you this information.

If you are interested in learning more about going to insurance school and taking insurance classes and insurance courses to obtain an insurance license, the easiest place to find more information is by searching for it online at your state insurance commissioner's website.

Nicole decided she needed a career change. She was a part-time secretary and really wanted to work more with people and find a successful career. A friend had told her about looking into being an insurance agent. After she checked her state commissioner's insurance website and found some local insurance schools, she decided to call a school and enroll in some insurance courses and insurance classes so she could eventually obtain her insurance license.

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