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Banning Aftermarket Car Parts

Should the Use of Aftermarket Parts be Banned by Insurance Companies?


The use of aftermarket car parts by insurance companies to fulfill a car accident claim is common. Aftermarket car parts are readily available and in most cases cost much less than OEM parts, or replacement parts by the original manufacturer. These are large reasons why insurance companies prefer to use aftermarket parts. But are lower costs worth the risks that some say are associated with aftermarket car parts?

There is growing concern over the use of aftermarket parts. Some states have a ban and others are considering it. Here are some of the main reasons why some want insurance companies to ban the use of aftermarket parts:

Safety: Aftermarket parts, some claim, are not as safe as OEM parts. Opponents of aftermarket parts say that since the manufacturing standards for aftermarket parts are much less aggressive than for OEM parts, this compromises safety. In addition, OEM parts have an OSHA Material Safety Data Sheet provided and aftermarket parts do not.

Recalls: Another safety issue opponents of aftermarket parts point out is the lack of a standard recall system. OEM parts manufactures have a system in place to contact the owner of a vehicle if a part has been recalled. Recalled parts have the potential of being defective and could cause a serious accident or injury.

Warranty: Opponents also add that although aftermarket parts do have individual warranties, the use of aftermarket parts can cause partial or a full void of the vehicle's original warranty. Some vehicle warranties do require the use of OEM parts for any replacements.

Value: Studies have shown that the value of a vehicle can diminish with the use of aftermarket parts. This means that if one wants to sell their vehicle in the future, it may not be worth as much as a similar vehicle that had OEM replacement parts used.

If you are concerned about the use of aftermarket parts, contact your insurance company to see what their policy is. When it comes to the use of aftermarket parts, some insurance companies do give customers a choice if they ask and may be required to give you a choice. Your state insurance commissioner has a large say in the use of aftermarket parts for insurance claims so if you need more information or have questions or complaints about aftermarket parts you can contact your state insurance commissioner.

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