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Excess Valuation Travel Baggage "Insurance"


Trying to make sure everything is covered when taking a trip can be a confusing task. Many travelers choose an overall travel insurance policy to try and cover all of the liabilities that they may encounter on their trip. Purchasing a good overall comprehensive travel insurance policy is a good idea but sometimes one may feel that the baggage insurance in their travel insurance policy is just not enough, or would just rather find an insurance policy to cover their travel baggage only.

It can be true that for some people the baggage coverage in a traditional comprehensive travel insurance policy just may not be enough. Each travel insurance company has different limits and exclusions for their baggage insurance and those limits and exclusions can make the baggage insurance one thought they were getting not worth as much coverage in the end.

In addition, there are travelers that are not interested in purchasing a comprehensive travel insurance policy. Many people fly now as a regular means of transportation and are not taking vacation trips so may not feel they need a comprehensive travel insurance policy each time they enter an airplane but they still carry valuable luggage and personal property contents with them on their frequent flights.

Having extra baggage insurance makes sense for a variety of reasons and travelers. Besides those mentioned above who are traveling for a vacation or as a regular means of transportation, there are many travelers who have very expensive bags, clothing and other articles that they want to make sure is covered. Yes, it is true that the airlines do provide their own liability coverage if one's baggage is delayed, lost or damaged but this is only for a domestic flight.

International flyers don't get the same sum for baggage insurance that is available by the airlines to domestic travelers. U.S. regulations require airlines to compensate travelers for their baggage if it is lost or damaged but this coverage only applies to domestic travelers. The coverage for baggage for international travelers is extremely limited, varies between international airlines, and is calculated by the pound. This per pound calculation often comes out to only a few hundred dollars per piece of baggage.

"Excess Valuation" coverage can be a viable option for many travelers who may find for many reasons why they may want extra coverage for their baggage while traveling. "Excess Valuation" is extra liability coverage that can be purchased directly from the airlines and it will give one extra liability coverage above and beyond what the airlines provide passengers.

One may often ask, "So how does "Excess Valuation" coverage work and why hasn't the airlines told me about it or offered it to me?" It is true, you probably won't ever hear the airlines try to sell you "Excess Valuation" liability coverage since they really would rather you not have it. It certainly is not a money maker for the airlines and the airlines know that if a huge majority of their travelers had "Excess Valuation" coverage, in the end the airlines would lose money from all the claims.

Many consider "Excess Valuation" insurance coverage, but is not insurance at all. It is merely extra liability coverage that the airlines will give a customer above the current baggage coverage the airlines traditionally offer passengers. Airline passengers can purchase "Excess Valuation" coverage directly from the airlines check-in counter. The cost is a few dollars per $1,000 worth of extra coverage.

"Excess Valuation" coverage is certainly a must and worth the extra cost for those who have valuable baggage. It is and even higher priority for international travelers since they don't fall under the required blanket coverage that domestic travelers are provided by U.S. regulations.

A couple of things to remember if one decides to purchase "Excess Valuation" coverage from the airlines. The coverage must be purchased each time one changes airlines since the coverage is only for the specific flight one is traveling. Also, one should try to have receipts for anything that is particularly valuable since the airlines will often attempt to depreciate a loss if a claim is filed.

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