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Renter's Insurance: Policy Information, Savings, Choices and More

Even if you have no personal property, renter's insurance is still important just for the liability protection it provides. Find out more here why liability protection is important along with articles, news, and tips to pick the best policy.

How the Insurance Company Determines Your Renter's Insurance Rate
Have you decided on not buying renter's insurance because of the cost? Knowing how your renter's insurance cost is determined can help you lower your renter's insurance rates.

Top Two Questions Asked About Renters Insurance
Getting renters insurance is a good choice for every renter and having an insurance agent who can answer all of the renter's questions is important. But, the renter needs to make sure they are asking questions too. There are a couple of questions that are common for renter's to ask and these two questions can help the renter and insurance...

The Average Cost of Renters Insurance
Many people are choosing to rent their living spaces. Unfortunately though, these renters try to save money by not choosing renters insurance. The average cost of renters insurance is very affordable so renters insurance costs should not be a factor in determining not to purchase a renters insurance policy.

Getting the Renter's Insurance Company Working for You
Renter's insurance is already a good deal since it is very inexpensive, but why not save more? Just because the first renter's insurance quote you get is inexpensive, don't hesitate to shop around because you may be able to get a better deal. Check out the list below to find the top ways you can save on your renter's insurance quote. When you pay less to the renter's insurance company you are getting them to work harder for you!

Making Sure You Get Reimbursed by Your Renter's Insurance Company
Renter's Insurance is a great way to keep your items protected but you can't get reimbursed by your renter's insurance company for things you can't remember or things that had more value than the insurance company thinks it had. The solution is documentation. Documentation is a two step process: Written and Video.

Renter's Insurance: Why and How Much?
Renter's insurance is not just for your property. Find out here why you need it even if you have no property!

State Specifics
All states have varying insurance laws. Want to know more about insurance laws specific to your state? Find your state commissioners website and phone number here.

The Top Ten Insurance Myths You Need to Know
Umbrella Insurance is for only for the rich. I am alive so I need Life Insurance, right? My co-worker is uninsured and that doesn't effect my insurance. Learn why these insurance myths are inaccurate and find out answers to the top 10 insurance myths everyone should know.

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