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Car Accidents 101

Car Accident Resources from Start to Finish


The processes one has to go through to deal with their car accident does not start with the accident. Of course we can't go back in time and change the accident, but we can assume the possibility of an accident and prepare accordingly.

Choosing insurance coverage should come from the premise that we may get in a car accident. So, if we are assuming we may get in a car accident we want to start with an insurance product that will protect best. Then, we want to make sure when the car accident happens we know what to do and what information to obtain and finally, we need to understand and be knowledgeable about the car accident claims process.

This Car Accident 101 Guide will help you from start to finish on preparing for your car accident. And if you are one of the fortunate ones and don't ever have to worry about a car accident, maybe with the knowledge you will gain from this guide you will be able to help out a friend with their car accident!

Car Accidents 101: Car Accident Resources from Start to Finish

Buying the Right Car Insurance from the Beginning: The Top 5 Reasons You Don't Want to Just Keep Legal on Your Car Insurance

Often one can't watch TV or browse the internet without hearing about a car insurance company trying to sell bare bones legal insurance coverage. These policies are just enough insurance, or the minimum insurance requirements, that one needs to drive. But what happens when one has one of these "bare bones car insurance policies" and they need to file a claim? Do you want to be the one who finds out?

Top Four Ways to Avoid a Car Accident and Keep Your Insurance Premium Low

Want to keep your car insurance premium low? One way is to not get into a car accident. Of course not all car accidents can be avoided but many can. Here are the top four ways to avoid a car accident and keep your car insurance premiums low.

What to Do After an Auto Accident

An auto accident does not only wreck your car, but also your nerves. Remembering what to do and the information to retrieve can be difficult. This list will help. Take time to review this list and then make sure to print it out and save a copy in your car.

How to Determine the Extent of a Car Accident's Damages and Injuries

Yikes! A car accident. Even if it is a minor car accident it can at the least be startling. And of course if there are people injured in the car accident or there is car accident damage to property, the emotions can be worse. It is important though for your safety and the safety of others, along with making your car insurance claim go much smoother, that you keep calm and understand before a car accident what to do and how to determine the extent of the damages to your car.

5 Steps to Filing Your Auto Insurance Claim

Filing an auto insurance claim does not have to be complicated . Here are five basic steps in filing your auto insurance claim. From deciding if you should file to expecting the call from the insurance company, learn what steps you need to take to file a successful auto insurance claim.

Understanding Your Vehicle's Diminished Value

You had an amazing car and you got into an accident. Your insurance company fixed everything and your car looks like new. Your car is worth what is was before the accident, right? Wrong... most likely your car is worth much less or in other words, it has a diminished value. Many are now wanting the insurance company to accept their diminished value claim.

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