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Insurance Emergency Roadside Service

Is it a Choice for You?


When you get your auto insurance, you are usually asked if you would like to add emergency roadside service. Since the cost for emergency roadside service coverage is minimal, most people just answer "yes" to their agent when offered this coverage. But, do you know what is covered under your emergency roadside service plan?

Let's take a look at some common questions asked about emergency roadside service:

So, What is Emergency Roadside Service?

Almost all insurance companies offer emergency roadside service. Sometimes they fall under different names such as a motor club or roadside assistance. Basically, these plans can give you help for a variety of roadside problems by calling one number.

What Roadside Problems does the Roadside Service Usually Cover?

All plans are different, but most will cover the costs of services to fix a flat tire, getting your keys out of your locked car, running out of gas, jump starting your vehicle, or getting a tow truck. Some plans also will provide you with an arrest bond certificate (money to help you if you get arrested due to a traffic related violation) or trip interruption benefits (this would be a certain amount for meals, lodging etc. if you are in an emergency vehicle situation a certain distance from home).

Who is Covered Under My Roadside Assistance Plan?

You, your spouse, and your children who live with you and are legally eligible to drive would be covered under one plan. Your coverage would cover you driving the car you own, lease, rent or borrow as long as it is not a commercial vehicle.

It is Really Worth the Extra Cost?

I would say, yes. The extra cost is very minimal and provides a lot of services that can be of a great benefit in an emergency. Just make sure you don't already have these coverages through another provider such as AAA.

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