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Pet Insurance: Companies, Articles, Choices and Savings

Pet insurance is one of the fastest growing insurance fields. Here you can find sources to help you purchase pet insurance along with savings tips and more so you can get the best protection for your furry (or not so furry) friend.

Is Pet Insurance Worth the Cost?
Are you thinking about purchasing pet insurance but wonder if it is worth the cost. Maybe it would be cheaper to just pay for your pets veterinary procedures yourself. Learning more about what type of pet insurance you are looking for and the exclusions will help you determine if pet insurance is the right financial decision for you.

The Top 3 Items to Understand When Shopping for a Pet Insurance Policy
Is pet insurance best for you and your pet? Some have found that pet insurance is too expensive and they would save more money paying for treatments themselves but many others have found pet insurance has paid off. For those who feel pet insurance is worth the cost, check out these three items to understand when shopping for a pet insurance...

An Alternative to Pet Health Insurance: The Pet Health Discount Program
Caring for a pet's health can be costly. Some choose pet health insurance to help some of these costs. There is an alternative to pet health insurance that many are considering. Pet health discount plans have become a choice for many pet owners to help them save on their pet health care costs.

Pet Insurance Exclusions
Taking the time to understand your particular pet insurance policy is key in getting the right policy for your pet. Companies are different in what they cover and exclude so make sure you get as much information as you can so you can get the most coverage available for your particular pet.

Ten Pet Insurance Questions
Pet insurance is gaining popularity. With it's low cost and comprehensive coverages many pet owners are opting to insure their furry companions. But when looking to purchase a pet insurance policy there are a few questions you will want to consider.

Choosing the Right Pet Insurance
Have you thought about pet insurance? Find out more about pet insurance and information on five top companies.

Dangerous Dog Breed? You May Be Refused for Insurance
So what happens when insurance companies start classifying certain dog breeds as high-risk? Well, homeowners with those specific dog breeds may have a hard time qualifying for a homeowners insurance policy. Current policy holders are also affected by paying more to own a high-risk breed or possibly being dropped after a liability claim from a dog incidence.

The Top Ten Insurance Myths You Need to Know
Umbrella Insurance is for only for the rich. I am alive so I need Life Insurance, right? My co-worker is uninsured and that doesn't effect my insurance. Learn why these insurance myths are inaccurate and find out answers to the top 10 insurance myths everyone should know.

State Specifics
All states have varying insurance laws. Want to know more about insurance laws specific to your state? Find your state commissioners website and phone number here.

Information and Options
Get the latest on pet insurance from The Early Show. Multimedia video, insurance links, and a great article covering why you need it and coverage options.

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