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Health Insurance Waiver


Definition: The definition of a health insurance waiver is the ability one has to not use the health or medical insurance plan offered to them. Medical insurance or health insurance waivers are not as common as they were in the past. Because of tough economic times, many companies are cutting back on health insurance waivers or eliminating them altogether.

Health insurance waivers used to be popular among employers attracting employees. This was when companies often offered health insurance benefits free to their employees. Now that most employees pay a portion of their health insurance and that companies are on a tighter budget, medical insurance waivers are not as common. The cost of medical insurance waivers are now hurting employers more than being a benefit to an employee.

Some companies, usually local government employers, offer medical waivers as part of an employee benefit package. If an employee chooses a medical waiver they could receive an extra yearly payment that would be a percentage of what the company pays for the employee's insurance coverage. Some of these medical waiver benefits are as high as $7,000 per year.

This is a great benefit for a household that has two working incomes since only one insurance plan would be needed. Unfortunately though, the high cost of medical waiver benefits is draining many employer budgets and are being cut across the nation along with other employee benefits.

The future of health insurance waivers is not good. As long as employers are able to tap into a large hiring pool of potential employees that are eager to work without huge extra employer benefits, then there is not a need for employers to try to entice employees with the extra perks, such as medical insurance waivers, that were available in the past.

Also Known As: opt-out, buyback
Jim and Tina both work. Jim chooses the health insurance waiver from his job since he is covered under Tina's employer sponsored health insurance plan. In return, his employer gives him an additional $3,000 per year payment.

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