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Vendor Insurance


Definition: Vendor insurance is a specialty insurance policy for those who sell goods at events such as fairs and trade shows. Vendor insurance is very important to have since it can include vendor liability insurance along with vendor product insurance. Here are some key points about vendor insurance:
  • Bodily injury to a customer that is in or around the sellers booth is covered under vendor insurance.
  • Property damage to others while shopping at the vendor's booth is also covered under vendor insurance.
  • Product coverage is sometimes optional in vendor insurance and will cover damage from the use of the vendor's product.
  • Not all states require vendor insurance coverage but each event may have specific requirements for vendor insurance coverage.
  • Vendor insurance coverage usually covers employees and volunteer workers of the vendor.
  • Coverage can be purchased for a single event or as an annual policy to cover any events the vendor participates in.
  • Vendor insurance will usually cover any event within the U.S.
  • Vendors selling alcohol, animals, or firearms are generally not eligible for a typical vendor insurance policy.
Janice wanted to sell some of her homemade candles at the local fair. She decided to purchase a vendor insurance policy to protect herself if someone got hurt in her selling tent (vendor liability insurance) or if someone got hurt from her candles (vendor product insurance).

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