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How Can Food Insurance Protect You?


Food insurance has been a term heard a lot recently due to the broadcasting of the various natural disasters to devastate many areas of the world. Watching people waiting or trying to find clean food or water scares most of us and makes us wonder if we are prepared for a disaster.

We try to make sure our home, car, health, and lives are insured just in case of a disaster, so why not our food supply? What is food insurance and how can it help you? Would food insurance take care of your immediate food needs or just help you later, after the disaster like your home or car insurance does? What types of food insurance are available? The answers to all of these questions depends on what type of food insurance you are interested in:

4 Main Food Insurance Types:

Homeowners Food Spoilage Insurance: This type of food insurance is available in one's homeowners or renters insurance. Mainly what it covers is food spoilage due to a covered problem under one's policy. Homeowners food spoilage insurance will reimburse the policyholder with money and not food, so this type of insurance would not be helpful is one is wanting protection during a disaster. Also, depending on the homeowners policy, homeowners food spoilage insurance may need to be added to a policy therefore if one is interested in homeowners food spoilage insurance they would need to check with their insurance agent to see if they have this coverage.

Food Insurance Supplies: There are some companies that have came up with a type of food insurance that works different than the above homeowners food spoilage insurance. This type of food insurance is an actual food and water supply one would purchase and store to provide themselves and family with an immediate supply of necessities during a disaster. www.foodinsurance.com is one such company that has become a popular choice for some wanting this type of food insurance.

Food Liability Insurance: This is a type of food insurance that protects a consumer if they were to get sick from food eaten by someone else such as a restaurant or food produced by a company. This insurance is not available to the direct public and is purchased by companies to give them liability protection against problems that may arise from the food they prepare or produce.

Food Insurance Self-Insure: Self-Insuring has become a popular idea among many who want to take a more active role in their insurance needs and not be entirely dependant on a company to cover their losses. Self-insuring has also become popular among many because self-insuring helps one avoid the high costs of insurance premiums. So how do you self-insure yourself with food insurance? Basically, put together a supply of food and water for yourself and/or family. Of course make sure your food and water supplies will keep a long shelf life and are portable just in case you would need to take the supply with you. With some research a good self-insured food supply would be a great and inexpensive way to protect you and your family in case of a disaster.

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