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Tsunami Insurance and Your Home, Boat, and Travel Plans

Can Tsunami Insurance Help Protect Your Property and Plans?


A Tsunami evokes many emotions in all of us even if we have never been directly affected by one. Images of the Tsunami in Japan, Sumatra, and other areas even frighten people living far inland. It is important to realize that even if someone does not think they will ever be affected by a tsunami like in Japan or Sumatra, they still may need insurance to protect themselves from a tsunami or a similar event that could cause similar damage.

Can One Get Tsunami Insurance on Their Home?

Tsunami insurance is generally not available as a stand alone policy. Instead, flood and earthquake insurance are the types of insurance policies that would cover what a tsunami insurance policy would on one's home. Since a devastating tsunami type wave, like the most recent tsunami in Japan, causes severe flood damage then it is reasonable to say that many of us could be affected by the same or similar devastation by a flood. Therefore, if one is looking to purchase tsunami insurance for their home, they would need to check with their agent on obtaining flood and earthquake insurance.

Ask to Make Sure You Have Tsunami Boat Insurance

There is another expensive piece of property that one would want to protect with tsunami insurance: their boat. Since one's boat needs to be insured separately from their home, any additional flood or earthquake coverages one may have on their home will not cover their boat. So, getting a good boat insurance policy is important, but making sure one has the right boat insurance coverage may take some additional research. This is because not all boat policies are equal. Some boat insurance companies may include tsunami boat insurance coverage in their standard policy and some companies may require it to be an additional coverage, therefore knowing one's boat coverages is important in making sure one has tsunami boat insurance coverage on their policy.

Tsunami Travel Insurance Needs to Include Destination Protection along with Trip Interruption

The next type of tsunami insurance coverage one may want to consider is tsunami travel insurance. This can be protection for one's possessions and medical care if a tsunami hits while on vacation or for travel interruption due to a tsunami in the area one is planning to travel to. Again, like getting tsunami boat insurance, tsunami travel insurance coverage will vary depending on the travel insurance and policy. If one is planning a trip and they are interested in tsunami travel insurance, they need to specify that coverage to the travel insurance agent and make sure the tsunami travel insurance coverage is for both trip interruption along with tsunami travel insurance coverage while at the destination.

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