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Help! I Need Affordable Health Insurance

Top 10 Ways to Get Affordable Health Insurance With No Job or Little Money


The statistics are startling when it comes to the outrageous uninsured Americans and the numbers keep getting bigger. But what do you do when you don't have a job and can't get affordable individual or family health insurance from an employer? Or, what about all the families that have jobs but still cannot afford the health insurance offered by their employers and can't find an option for affordable health insurance?

There are low cost health insurance options out there that, in fact, many Americans have already implemented and are beating the rising battle against being uninsured. In addition, more individual and family health insurance options are being brought into the market as the rising number of uninsured Americans increases. This is great news for people who just don't know what to do when it comes to obtaining low cost and affordable health insurance. Below are the top 10 ways Americans are getting the affordable individual and family health insurance coverage they need.

1. COBRA: First, it is best to start with the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). If you are not employed you may be eligible to continue your previous employers' health insurance through COBRA. This also applies to children going off to college... you also may be able to continue on your parent's health insurance coverage through COBRA. This is a very good option for people who may have lost their job and are still undergoing medical treatments. If you were to switch to another insurance plan, your current medical treatments may not qualify under the new health insurance plan. But.. WARNING! This will not be an affordable health insurance option. The premiums will be much higher and you may be able to better afford one of the below options first. It is best to gather all your available health insurance options and pick the best health insurance plan for you.

2. Workers' Compensation: Many people don't realize that they may be covered under their state's Workers' Compensation program. If you are being treated for any work related injury, your employer must offer you treatment under their Workers' Compensation program.

3. Medicaid: Don't automatically think that since you have a job you won't qualify for Medicaid. Medicaid will pay health care expenses for low-income families and individuals. Each state sets the eligibility requirements so qualifying for the program is state specific. If you are working and still don't have enough to buy affordable health insurance, it doesn't cost you a penny to see if you or your children qualify for Medicaid so it is always best to check Medicaid first before moving on to the next options. And, there is good news about Medicaid... more and more states are adding health care benefits for low-income families so if you don't qualify now, keep informed of your state's Medicaid and health insurance laws because you may qualify in the future.

4. Medicare: Most people know if they qualify for Medicare or not, but I need to add it to the list just to make sure it is not overlooked. Medicare is provided by the government and administered by the Social Security Administration. If you are sixty-five years old or older you would qualify for Medicare. You may also qualify if you are getting Social Security disability benefits.

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