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How The Critics Feel About Obama's Plans to Reform Health Care

Is The Government Unfair Competition?


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President Obama is ready to reform health care in America. His $634 billion health care bill proposal is said to be just a down payment for future insurance reform. Of course with that much money being spent and with health insurance reform being a hot topic since the failed universal health care proposal by President Clinton, Obama is going to have his critics. So, what are the main points that the opposition is saying about health insurance reform as proposed by President Obama? A few of the main problems that experts feel America will face if we do indeed reform health care the way that Obama wants is done is:

1. The Government Will Be Unfair Competition
This is a legitimate complaint and Obama has agreed it needs to be addressed. The problem may come when the government does offer a health care plan that is so reasonable, even people with good insurance currently will drop their to choose the new government run program. This would not only cause problems with insurance companies loosing business (and the domino effect of job losses) but it would put more people on the government plan than was previously planned for.

2. Employers May Stop Offering Health Care
This again could cause a problem. Employers may just drop their health care offerings altogether expecting the government to pick up the cost of providing health care for them. And again, like above, this could cause a ripple effect that would not be favorable for anyone.

3. We Should Work on Competition and Not a Government Run Health Care System
This really comes deep from the American roots. Critics of the Obama health care bill and health care insurance reform feel it is not the American way for the government to take away the natural competition that America was built on. They feel, yes there are problems in the health care system but the solution is not to just have the government jump in and take over but to fix the problems we have by promoting better competition.

Besides the above oppositions, others are concerned about what it will cost to reform health care. One of the proposals for payment include lowering the tax deduction on charitable contribution. Charities have mixed emotions on this one - they want better health insurance reform but will it cost them in the long run?

Really, no one knows if Obama's plan is really the best solution for America. But right now it is the only plan and it looks like it will become "The Plan." Fortunately, President Obama is taking the time to look at all the problems that may arise and is making a good faith effort in addressing those problems. America needs health care reform and it may be a bumpy ride in the beginning but it seems nothing can be worse than the health care crisis we are already experiencing... let's hope not.

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