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The New Health Care Reform Insurance Navigator

Will the Insurance Navigator Look to the People or Politicians?


Whether we like it or not, health insurance reform is here and we will be very aware of its presence in 2014 when the new health care reform law provides a new type of insurance professional to the public. Depending on which side of the political fence you stand on, a health care reform government Insurance Navigator or Obamacare Navigator will be available to you.

This new Insurance Navigator position is a government paid public advisor that will be available to help individuals and small employers compare the health insurance options in the insurance exchange. It will be up to each state to determine how their government paid Insurance Navigator will assist the public.

On the surface this sounds like a good idea... someone to help guide us through our insurance choices. And since the Insurance Navigator is not an insurance agent, this person will be impartial and help people and small businesses make the best choice instead of trying to sell them a plan that will make the insurance agent the most profit.

Unfortunately, when one looks into the Insurance Navigator position more closely, it may not be the best choice for the people after all. There are many questions that have arisen surrounding the Insurance Navigator position such as should they be required to be licensed and will the government Insurance Navigator push the traditional insurance agent out of the insurance market.

The education and licensing of the government Insurance Navigator and the possible job losses to current insurance agents are real concerns, but the biggest concern is the possible conflict of interest. The government Insurance Navigator will be getting paid by the government or making their commission off of selling government plans, which means there is a possibility they will be more concerned with pleasing politicians to keep their jobs rather than pleasing their customers.

Hopefully the states will be able to find a healthily place for the government Insurance Navigator that does not replace the traditional insurance agent. A traditional insurance agent has the knowledge and experience that a public Insurance Navigator would be lacking. A government Insurance Navigator would be a good position for basic public education about one's insurance options but the traditional insurance agent should continue to be the main insurance source for the public to insure the best coverage, choices and non-political insurance options.

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