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State Farm Review

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The Bottom Line

State Farm is the number one choice for auto insurance in the U.S. and their other insurance offerings also rank as high customer choices. They offer their customers a wide variety of insurance and banking products. There have been some State Farm complaints but these complaints have not drastically tarnished the company's name.

State Farm Review Star Rating 4 (out of 5): Why? Half of a star was removed for their inability to remain in states that regulate and another half a star for their discrimination complaints (their recent history of a top diversity company keeps this to just a half a star deduction).


  • Largest Auto Insurer in U.S.
  • Solid History, Founded in 1922
  • Local Offices Available Nationwide
  • Has Achieved Numerious Diversity Workplace Awards
  • Highest Company Rating By Best Insurance Reports A++


  • Exclusive Agents so They Only Market State Farm Policies
  • Past Discrimination Allegations (1970's-1980's)
  • History of Leaving a State Because of Regulatins or Catastrophes


  • State Farm insurance provides many insurance choices including auto, home, life and health along with a financial company.
  • The State Farm company offers customers local insurance agents along with a website for insurance shopping and bill paying.
  • State Farm is a top company for workplace diversity and has earned many awards to prove it.

Guide Review - State Farm Review

The State Farm Company began in 1922 and has since largely dominated the top spots in the insurance marketplace. Along with auto insurance, State Farm offers a wide selection of insurance choices along with banking services.

"Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is There." We all know the jingle, but does State Farm really live up to its good neighbor slogan? State Farm has overall been a good, strong insurance choice and it shows since they are, and have often been in the past, one of the largest insurance choices for customers along with offering competitive rates. However, they have had their good neighbor image tainted more than once.

State Farm has had its share of typical lawsuits just like any any insurance company, but there are a couple of incidents that still somewhat flaw the company's record. First, in the 1970-1980's, State Farm was accused of racial and sex discrimination in its hiring practices along with discrimination in how it chose its customers. State Farm has remedied this over the years and now is one of the top companies for workplace diversity.

Another issue that plagues State Farm is a recent history of deciding to leave a state and not offer insurance if the market starts getting regulated or they decide they don't want the risk. This started in 2001 when State Farm left the New Jersey auto insurance market because the state started regulating insurance rates. Soon after that they left the Texas market and a year later they dropped out of a total of 17 states. And just recently State Farm stopped writing new homeowners insurance policies in Florida because of new state regulations. This obviously would be a problem for policy holders because the customer would have to find a new company if they were insured by State Farm since one has to carry insurance from a company that offers business in their state.

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State Farm, Member M.Herr

I had state farm for over 30 years. I had a accident over the weekend, my rear tire blew up broke the back fender. I called state farm and file a claim. State farm didn't call me back, so I called them this morning follow up on my claim. I have to repeat every thing I said again. After she took all the information down. She told me I can take my car to any auto body shop of my choice but they also have some if I like. I told her about the experience I had in the past where I went to the one they recommended and got my identity stolen. She set an appointment for me to take my car to one of their shop to have an estimation before I can have my car fix. But a year ago my mom got into an accident she called filed a claim we just took it to Toyota without even go through inspection of the damage. I called back and ask that question and she told me my damages and my moms damages are different. I ask her how is that different. She couldn't answer me. When did they start this inspection, she told me couple years ago. It just doesn't make any sense to me. I think state farm is cheating people off. These 2 ladies I spoke to are very rude.

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