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Allstate Review

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The Bottom Line

Allstate is financially a strong insurance choice. They are very popular among insurance customers in the U.S. They offer a wide variety of products and customers have access to local agents along with a user friendly website. Although there have been Allstate complaints, it still remains one of the top insurance choices for U.S. customers.

Allstate Review Star Rating:4(out of 5) Why? One half of a star was removed for their overall complaints and another half of a star was removed because of their "worst insurer" rating.


  • Company Rating by Best Insurance Reports A+
  • Solid History, Founded in 1931
  • 2nd Largest Personal Lines Insurer in the U.S.
  • Exclusive "Acccident Forgiveness" Program
  • Local Offices Available Nationwide


  • Exclusive Agents So They Can Only Market Allstate Policies
  • Common Customer Complaint of "Enticement" Premiums that Rise Later
  • In 2008 Ranked "#1 Worst Insurer" by the American Association for Justice


  • Allstate provides 13 different lines of personal insurance with their most popular being auto, home, and life insurance.
  • Insurance from Allstate can be purchased by a local Allstate insurance agent or online.
  • All Allstate customers have access to a full featured website where they can make payments and report claims.

Guide Review - Allstate Review

Allstate insurance company is the second largest personal lines insurer in the U.S. The Allstate insurance company began in 1931. They started in 1931 asa part of the Sears Roebuck and Co.

"Your in Good Hands" is a slogan that most know as belonging to Allstate insurance company. Allstate relies heavily on advertising through their TV commercials along with sponsorships. Allstate's largest sponsorships include the Allstate Sugar Bowl, the Allstate 400, and the U.S. Olympic Committee.

Allstate insurance company sells a variety of insurance products including 13 major lines of insurance. Allstate's auto, home, and life insurance are among their most popular products. The Allstate company also offers financial products.

Overall the Allstate insurance company is a solid company with a Best insurance report rating of A+ and their large customer base supports their stability. But, although their stability is strong, they still have had their share of complaints. One of of worst came with the title of #1 worst Insurer by the American Association for Justice. PBS and Business Week have also exposed various complaints about the insurance company ranging from claims problems to deceptive practices. Allstate has also had customer complaints of offering a low, attractive premium to get new customers to switch to Allstate.

The complaints against Allstate have not greatly affected the company's presence and Allstate still remains a popular choice for insurance because of their wide range of offerings and special programs such as "accident forgiveness." Allstate also shows their commitment to serve their customers by offering a full featured website that provides customers with the ability to do many things online, with the most important being the ability to manage their insurance claims and billing.

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 1 out of 5
Allstate rip off, Member lkathyn

I've been with Allstate auto for ten years and two years for their home owner insurance. I stayed with them all these years with no claims until recently. Our house was hit by hail storm and wind damage. We had the adjuster come out with their inspector. They said I had small hail damage which they called it bruise, but not enough to fix my roof. There was dings on my vent pipe and missing shingles which they will only fix. I thought that was very silly because all the houses around me got hit by the storm and Allstate is telling me my house didn't get hit?? I live in a cul da sac and everyone has a new roof, except for my house. I'm so fired up by this so called, ""you're in good hands."" I've been with this insurance all this time and when I make a claim they act like the damages are nothing. A damage is a damage no matter how big or small it is. I didn't buy the house like that. I pay my policy on time and every month and this is how they treat their customers?! I'm one angry Allstate customer and I will be changing insurance soon. I will be having a second opinion soon with Allstate. Good luck to whoever is coming out this time because I'm not going to be nice.

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