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Travel Insurance

International Travel Insurance and Travel Health Insurance Needs


Having excellent medical, auto, and home insurance does not always guarantee international travel insurance protection when you decide to travel to another country. Many unpredictable situations can occur that may not be covered by your insurance back home, therefore you many need travel health insurance or another applicable international travel insurance policy. Below is a list of situations that may not be covered:

Why You May Need Travel Insurance:

  • accidents
  • diseases
  • dental care
  • trip cancellations
  • lost luggage
  • rental car damage
  • evacuations

Using International Travel Insurance to Help Plan for the Unexpected

Planning a great trip starts with planning for the unexpected and the best way to cover the unexpected is by purchasing additional insurance when you travel. The first step in doing this is to gather up all the current insurance you have such as home, auto, health, life, personal property, dental, and umbrella policies. Next, check to see what travel health insurance and/or international travel insurance coverages you have on these policies. Some homeowners insurance policies and renter's policies will cover your personal property and liability (such as you accidentally hitting someone with your golf club) anywhere in the world, so if you already have these coverages there is no point in paying again for them.

If you find you do not have enough coverages for travel in your current insurance polices, including travel health insurance coverage, then you will want to contact your travel agent for additional international travel insurance policies or check out the online companies below:

Online Travel Health Insurance and International Travel Insurance Companies:

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