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So, What Could Happen If You Don't Have Enough Auto Insurance?

By January 22, 2008

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With money being tight, a lot of people will look toward their insurance to see where they can cut back. While this can be a good idea in some insurance areas, such as your deductible or maybe even cutting out some insurance you don't need, it is not a good idea if you decide to cut back to the minimum auto insurance requirements for your state. Yes, it is the minimum you need to be legal to drive, but that does not mean it is good coverage.

So, what could happen if you don't have enough auto insurance? If you get into an accident that you are liable for and if there is more damages that need to be paid after your insurance is exhausted, you still may be liable for those damages. You would personally have to pay for the damages out of pocket and if you can't do that, your assets (cars, home, etc.) could be taken to pay for the damages. Now, is that worth saving an extra 20-40 dollars a month?

January 24, 2008 at 5:32 am
(1) Chimezirim Odimba says:

Savings that result from downgrading your auto insurance policy to a point where it really does not give you the required protection isn’t really smart. Instead why not take some time out to learn more on creative ways to pay less for auto insurance?

You can save by…

1)Taking advantage of a multi-policy discount.

2) A multi-vehicle discount also applies.

3) You can get trained in defensive driving and as a result attract cheaper rates.

4) If you’re about buying a home or renting one, you can pay less by buying in certain areas.

There are up to 40 creative ways to bring down your rates if you can take the time to do a little reading.

You don’t have a choice between affordable premiums and quality insurance. You can get quality auto insurance for a lot less if you know the steps to take.

April 23, 2009 at 7:35 pm
(2) Insurance Auto Bill says:

One thing that is an example of what he’s talking about in this article is insurance of an automobile varying on the weight you may be pulling, i.e. trucks and trailers.

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